The American Tap Dance Foundation

Feb 4, 2016

The American Tap Dance Foundation is 30 years old and it has consistently produced and presented Tap dance events and Tap dance artists internationally through various educational programs and supported the creation of new work in numerous concert performances large and small this entire time!

What sets the ATDF apart from other studios or organizations is their longevity and their absolute focus on Tap dance. They present numerous programs and events throughout the year including Year-Round Educational Programs for You, Teens and Adult at the American Tap Dance Center including: a Tap Dance Conservatory, a Tap Teacher Training Certificate Program, seasonal Tap Choreography Intensives, Showcases, Master Workshops for Professionals, Reconstruction  & Choreography Commission Projects, Rental Space for rehearsals and Tap Talks, Jams & Film Presentations.

In addition, ATDF's Artists in Residence Program supports professional tap dancers recognized for their unique vision and personal style. Artists receive weekly studio space to support their creative process, create new work and mobilize their on-going activities and career.
In the spring (April 12-17, 2016), ATDF presents RHYTHM IN MOTION a week of performances highlighting new choreography created by these artists.

Our flagship program, Tap City (now 15 years old) is an annual festival that gathers tap professionals and students from around the globe, July 9-16, 2016 for numerous classes, residencies, awards, performances, historic tours and outdoor events. Tap City is the vehicle through which the organization achieves its goal of continuing to educate the public and legitimize the art form. The Festival culminates with Tap it Out (July 15 - 6 & 6:30pm), a high energy FREE public event at Foley Square downtown once known as 5 Points, Taps birthplace. 150 students and professionals participate drawing a local public audience. It is performed a cappella and rehearsed in groups midday July 11-15.
This coming July, a new program Tap Treasures, will be introduced expanding audience engagement by providing integrated opportunities for participants to experience Tap’s rich NYC history with tours of locations related to its development. Apollo Theater (July 11), New Amsterdam & Liberty Theaters (July 12), Woodpeckers Tap Dance Center, Village Gate & American Tap Dance Center (July 13). The tours are hosted by iconic Tap figures (Brenda Bufalino, Tommy Tune, Mercedes Ellington, Randy Skinner & Maurice Hines). These “storytellers” share personal history and present historic information through interactive discussions, films and performance. Collaborations with tap historians (Constance Valis Hill & Margaret Morrison) create accurate, compelling content on Tap history in relation to the locations and storytellers that is incorporated into the events.

The ATDF continues to expand and develop its outreach and marketing campaigns for numerous targeted audiences and "customers". The American Tap Dance Center has year-round youth and adult programs with established partnerships with local schools and businesses. It started to produce seasonal Tap Talks/Tap Films events in the studio to attract local audiences and strengthen our own community. The ATDF also started a membership program last year offering discounts on classes & events.

On May 22nd (in celebration of National Tap Dance Day - May 25) the Foundation repeat an annual event, entitled a Tap Attack which is ALSO FREE & open to the public. It will take place at the Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn. These public events ensure that a wide cross section of New Yorkers have the opportunity to learn about the ATDF's mission and the Center's activities in a fun & informal manner. The ATDF also carries out a formal marketing campaign via mass emails, website, direct mailings, press, and advertising & has successfully maintained & expanded a very active social & communication network with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter.

Finally, ATDF offers 65-75 scholarships each year to students in need who cannot afford to take classes as a means to keeping our programs accessible to a diverse socio-economic population.

The House Of Tap Project

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Stockholm Tap Festival
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