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´´Jimmy Slyde Institute is not a school. It is a home. There is no such thing as clients here. There are only students...´´ _Marco Ligori, tap student in J.S.I

´´My improvisational skills have improved in just a week, because of the intensive tap training at JSI´´ _Adele Joel, London tap dancer and JSI intensive attendee

´´Experiencing JSI made me reconnect with the very reason I have always wanted to dance´´ _ Andrea Alvergue, dance studio owner in Honduras and JSI intensive attendee

´´ The kind of home for tap we really need´´ _Hillary Marie, guest teacher at JSI and producer of Jersey Tap Fest

´´ Everybody should check it here´´ _Jonas Nemyr, co-founder of Stockholm Tap Fest and JSI intensive attendee.

Jimmy Slyde Institute is much more than a school to learn tap steps. It is the creative place of iconic underground tap dance artist Roxane Butterfly. It is designed to recreate the intimate and privileged one-on-one environment in which the tap culture was originally transmitted. It is a place of exchange, reflexion, investigation, teachings and learnings which has been attracting to Barcelona, students and professionals from all around the world, since 2012. Its small size format, focus on musicality (with live music) and movement, proposes a very distinct and authentic tap training which has been of crucial influence in the european tap landscape.

At JSI, Roxane opens stores for 5 classes a week, is available for private classes and coaching, runs four international tap intensives a year ( Winter Tap in mid February. Spring Tap Lab for Easter, Summer Tap mid July and Fall Tap for Halloween). JSI is also a home for travelling tap dancers and has hosted several high caliber hoofers in residence including Max Pollak , Tamango and Valeria Pinheiro. It gladly accepts residence offers.

JSI is dedicated to the memory of Roxane´s mentor, the great late bebop master Jimmy Slyde and its initial also stand for JOY STRENGTH INTEGRITY, the three main qualities of Jimmy Slyde.

More at www.roxanebutterfly.com