The Pulse Collective

Posted By Kane Ricca

"Tap is a traditional form of dance and to breathe new life into it... this is the most successful thing I have seen yet!" - Kimberly Wyatt

Inspired by the past and motivated by the future, founder Kane D. Ricca has formed an elite collective of professional tap dancers who's credits include work with Nicole Scherzinger, Vodafone, Kanye West and Mercedes Benz. Each member bringing their own unique flavour to the group. Known as the #RhythmArmy, body percussion, rhythm tap, gum-booting influences allow The Pulse Collective to spearhead the future of tap dance in the UK for the 21st century.

Tap dancers are musicians, complimenting and embellishing music, you don't just see tap dancing you hear it, and that is a unique quality that not many other dance disciplines can utilise. The Pulse Collective are making it their mission to show that tap dancing is commercially viable and shouldn't be relegated to the back of more mainstream dance styles.