Leonardo Costa Dias

Posted By Leonardo Dias

Leonardo Dias has started tap dancing in Porto Alegre (south of Brazil) in 1994, at the age of 10. He started teaching at the age of 15, and has been developing his work as teacher and performer since then. His main object of research is perfecting techniques to teach tap improvisation and promote it as a means of communion between people. He is also a musician (flutist), and creates perfomances that mix tap dancing and flute playing. Currently, is the artistic director of Laboratório da Dança, one of the most important spaces in Porto Alegre"s tap dance history.

His tap dance studies started with teacher Isabel Willadino, and includes some of the most important masters from Brazil and USA. He is also graduated in Theater Studies (UFRGS) and works as a teacher in the public education system (city of Viamão).

He dreams of a world where tap impro gatherings will be frequent and popular, and is working to make his dream come true. Can't decide if he loves Fred Astaire or Jason Samuels Smith more!