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Week 3

Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies (USA) in a very special tap tribute to the singer Prince.


How did the idea for Operation Tap come? I (Anthony Morigerato) started Operation: Tap because of a young tap dancer asking me a question, “I want to know what you have done for tap dancing, not necessarily what it has done for you?” For a nine year old it is such a profound and insightful question. Outside of giving my life to being the best at it I could be I realized in that moment that tap had done everything for me and maybe I hadn’t necessarily done much for it. Starting Operation: Tap was and is my way of doing something for tap dancing and for tap dancers. How did your collaboration with Ayodele start? Ayodele and I have known each other for many, many, many years. I first took a class from her when I was 12 years old. About 4 years ago we performed together for the first time at a festival in NYC and it was one of the great thrills of my dance life to share the stage with a dancer so incredible. She is a constant inspiration and a true testament to excellence in our field. How do you explain the success of your project (almost 20'000 likes on Facebook!) I think success implies that something has arrived and I still very much believe that Operation: Tap and it’s potential are in it’s infancy. OPTAP will be a project that is never finished so I don’t view it in terms of success or failure, I view it with a long view that it may take my lifetime for it to achieve the mission I started out trying to accomplish. There are a bunch of tap tutorials on the internet and on DVD's. What makes Operation Tap videos different? We aren’t necessarily trying to do anything different, we are just offering exercises and videos from our perspective that we think will help inspire tap dancers to practice. I think that an artist should have a broad perspective of opinions and from there use their own intellect and mind to choose those opinions that work for them. Operation: Tap is just our perspective and our contribution to what is out there. What are Op. Tap projects for the future? Join us at operationtap.com to find [...]